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Solar On-Grid Hybrid AC/DC Air Conditioners

As a specialty provider and integrator of RE systems designed for corporations and establishments, Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) positions itself to capitalize on this explosive trend. Our goal is to provide a wide range of reliable and sustainable power and cooling solutions with attendant first in class back up services.`

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Our latest generation solar air conditioners are designed for low cost, easy installation and a fast cooling. This unique solar air conditioning technology requires no batteries, no inverter, no controller – just plug in the solar panels and start saving up to more than 97% on daytime cooling or heating costs.

  • Our Solar On-Grid Hybrid ACDC Air Conditioner is designed for keeping the inside cool all day for next to nothing in energy costs. The power from the solar panels supplies directly to indoor & outdoor fan motor and compressor. When solar power is not sufficient, the system automatically switches to operate from grid power.

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