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Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) provides a wide range of affordable, reliable and sustainable power solutions, products and services to Local Governments, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Small and Medium Scale businesses in order to optimize electricity use, economic growth and stability. 

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Our Flagship Products are a Complete Grade A Solar and Power Products and Services (for Businesses, Communities and Homes) with 5 to 25 years warranty range. Solar Energy, Solar Cooling, Solar Heating, Solar Lighting (Community Solar mini Grid Power System; Breakthrough renewable energy products).

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A GSPS-driven affordable, accessible and cost-effective renewable energy solutions will be the fillip to jumpstart new businesses and revive ailing ones.

Energy demand in Nigeria is expected to continue to increase over the coming decades, largely fuelled by industrial expansion and increasing economic prosperity. The Nigerian Government has, however, recognised the importance of energy efficiency as a key element of Small and medium scale enterprises strategy and action. Engagement and active participation of the private sector are the key components for delivering the Nigerian government objectives for energy efficiency and SMEs.

Despite the high potential for energy cost savings across the private sector, a number of barriers prevent businesses in Nigeria from identifying and implementing energy efficiency opportunities in their premises and operations.

Although appreciably dependent on E-MARKETING, our marketing strategy is multidimensional, infiltrating selected market deploying the following strategies:

      • Build a Network of reputable renewable energy outlets
      • Organize Intensive Awareness and Engagement Sessions with Target Market Segments where electricity consumption is critical and at high cost
      • Partner with reputable real estate companies, including initiatives for funding of Mega or Turnkey projects
      • Work with Select Banks on community business power support
      • Continually explore other cost-effective innovative options for solar and wind energy products and services

Partnering reputable international manufacturers of top-quality renewable energy products, Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) will enhance the ease of doing business and reduce energy cost significantly.