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Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) is a holistic renewable energy company poised to empowering Nigerian and Africa’s industrial, business and residential communities through the application of solar and wind energy technologies.  The company’s long-term strategic focus is to be Africa’s leading provider of renewable energy (RE) solutions in products and services. We are a specialty provider and integrator of RE systems designed for developing communities. We serve a broad-spectrum of sectors in need of cost efficient and reliable source of energy.

Vision Statement

To be Africa’s leader in the creation, development, and deployment of solar and wind technologies that converge  human civilization .

Mission Statement

To profitably and sustainably deliver first in class renewable energy products and services in Nigeria and underdeveloped communities in Africa.

Management Philosophy

GSPS believes that high-quality product delivery and first-class service from office employees and field technical personnel.


Operations and Development


Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) Operational Strategy is project based and client–focused as each potential customer is viewed as a partner in renewable energy and clean environment. Each Client will receive all technical and advisory support to achieve our set goal of optimizing client business operations and via flawless execution.

Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) runs her renewable energy business operations with the highest ethical standards and optimal integrity. This principle runs through the fabric of our business processes, viz., site technical inspections and evaluations, inventory handling, payment collection, product distribution, warranty tracking and maintenance services. All products to clients are pre-packaged kits, tested and certified by Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) employees and technically certified team.


Our Executive Suite


Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) is run by a team of highly experienced professionals from different fields.

Dr. Anthony Ogbo

Group President

Brg. Gen M. Ndubisi (Rtd)

Executive Chairman

Nellie Onwuchekwa

Managing Director & CEO

Our Management Suite


 All functions project cordination, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

Olu A. Egbebu

Technical and Business Dev.

Michael Imoh-Denny

Planning and Coordination

Ukwokori Newton O

Technical Consultant

Chibuikem Diala

Business Consultant

Abraham Zephaniah

Marketing Operations

Kennedy T. Ndaw

Brand and Marketing

How We Run Our Business


Organizational Development efficacy plays a major role. Built under a strict innovation culture, our structure centers around employees, products, and customers. 

Management Philosophy Statement

Excellence in products and services customers is the top priority for Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS). GSPS believes that high-quality product delivery and first-class service from office employees and field technical personnel.

A work environment that is flexible, encourages open communication, prizes fairness, recognizes good work performance and respects the differences and rights of individuals and customers will enhance productivity.

Motivation to achieve excellence is maximized when customers and staff are treated with decency, trust and respect.

Excellence in Performance — GSPS has a passion for pursuing its mission to advance renewable energy product and services as a means of promoting health, education, human welfare and clean environment. This passion is demonstrated by employees’ persistence, patience and commitment to clientele need by setting goals, benchmarks and timetables for products and services, and encourage staff to take responsibility for the integrity of the products and services.

Excellence in Customer Service — GSPS has a strong belief in people and a respect for relationships, both internal and external. To meet customer expectations, GSPS managers provide staff with effective systems and up-to-date information, and they demonstrate a caring attitude toward customers.

To achieve excellence in performance and customer service goals, GSPS believes that Clientele Management is an interactive process that is most effective when it is based on shared values and expectations.

Our Values

Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) demonstrates an enthusiastic commitment to and pride in offering first-class quality products and services to Clients. Our Values are expressed in the following core principles that guard our operations:

Decency and Fairness

GSPS encourages an atmosphere in which issues of fairness and equity can be discussed openly and dealt with respectfully, responsibly and effectively.

A Spirit of Teamwork

GSPS employees see their own work in the context of GSPS ‘s overall mission and promotes cooperation among employees in the achievement Clients goals.

Flexibility and Resilience

GSPS views change as an opportunity, so, seeks to embrace and manage change by involving personnel in identifying and meeting challenges.

Individual Differences

GSPS recognizes that diversity is a source of strength and is committed to building and maintaining a work force that is diverse in all respects and able to capitalize on its diversity to enhance creativity and productivity.

Employee Development

GSPS encourages learning and development of staff potential by providing training, development and advancement opportunities to all employees.

Collaborative Decision Making

GSPS recognizes that the best decisions frequently reflect a variety of perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience.

Open Communication

GSPS pursues and promotes open communication and opportunities for staff to contribute to or provide feedback on decisions.

Health and Well-being of its Employees

GSPS recognizes the positive outcome of workplace on health and well-being. A good mental and physical health enables employees to put in their best effort; therefore, GSPS pursues a work environment that aggressively promotes health.

Employee Recognition

GSPS seeks a variety of ways to acknowledge and reward individual and team contributions.

Performance Integrity

GSPS is dedicated to exploring and improving organizational performance against best practices; and considers same as integral part of work process by encouraging employees to expand their knowledge of all facets of RE in order to accomplish its mission.

Operations Integrity

The Company’s Operations Integrity Strategy is project focused as each customer is viewed as a partner in renewable energy and clean environment. Each Client will receive all technical and advisory support to achieve our goal of optimizing clientele business operations via flawless execution of products and services.

Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) runs all operation with the highest level of ethical standards and optimal integrity in all aspect of our services, including free technical inspection and evaluation, delivery, inventory handling, product distribution, and maintenance services.

All power systems are sold to clients as pre-packaged kits, assembled and test run by Manufacturer Representative and/or Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) employees and Technically certified team.

Products & Services

Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) provides a wide range of affordable, reliable and sustainable power solutions, products and services to Local Governments, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Small and Medium Scale businesses in order to optimize electricity use, economic growth and stability. 

The SMEs are becoming more and more present in countries’ economies. They play significant roles in our national economy by providing various goods and services, creating job opportunities, developing regional economies and communities, helping the competition in the market and offering innovation.

A GSPS-driven affordable, accessible and cost-effective renewable energy solutions will be the fillip to jumpstart new businesses and revive ailing ones.