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Lighting all Communities, Nations


Excellence is the creed that underpins the GSPS bespoke initiatives to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth. We are lighting up NATIONS

Wind Turbines
97 %
Solar Panels
95 %
Hybrid Energy
94 %

We have 35+ years experience
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our history

How We Started from Somewhere


Between the United States and Nigeria, a group of individuals and partners in the Solar, Oil & Gas, Energy and Offshore business came together to explore  delivery strategies of the SOLAR TECHNOLOGY and change the ENERGY WORLD. The rest is history.  


GSPS Nigeria

Nellie Onwuchekwa, a Security, Oil & Gas exponent, once with Exxon-Mobile initiated a research to explore the Solar Energy technology.


Formation Dream Team

A collaboration of team in Marketing, Research & Development, and Solar Technology resumed to create a mission, vision, and structure. 


GSPS Americas

A team in Texas, United States' energy capital were contacted for affiliation and partnership. A merge of the systems were adopted and finalized.


GSPS Global

A collaboration between major Solar Energy production and service Firms were facilitated to deliver quality services to Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. 


Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) Operational Strategy is project based and client–focused as each potential customer is viewed as a partner in renewable energy and clean environment. Each Client will receive all technical and advisory support to achieve our set goal of optimizing client business operations and via flawless execution.

Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) runs her renewable energy business operations with the highest ethical standards and optimal integrity. This principle runs through the fabric of our business processes, viz., site technical inspections and evaluations, inventory handling, payment collection, product distribution, warranty tracking and maintenance services. All products to clients are pre-packaged kits, tested and certified by Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited (GSPS) employees and technically certified team.

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Our long-term strategic focus is to be Africa’s leading provider of renewable energy .