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GSPS Air to Water Technology

Air to Water Technology process requires that atmospheric water generators extract water from the surrounding air and filter it to remove particulates and bacteria. The resulting water is clean and free of chemicals and other hazards.

In pursuit of its commitment to holistic renewable energy and preservation of the environment, Guardian Solar and Power Solutions Limited is committed to provision of affordable, safe and clean water through Air to Water Technology which reduces global warming. Through availability and consistent promotion of Air to Water Technology, access to clean water is sustainable for businesses, schools, communities and the rural poor.

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Generate and Drink Ionized and Alkaline Water from the Air.

Atmospheric Water Generators are future-proof and future forward machines that create water from the air around us – producing IONIZED and ALKALINE Water for overall health and vitality. The Atmosphere remains the only source of clean, purest and cleanest drinking water.

  • The atmosphere contains 37.5 Million Billion Gallons of water. This is part of the hydrological cycles which maintains air and water vapour making this a virtually unlimited source of water. This volume of water in the atmosphere underscores affordable and sustainable Air to Water Solution.

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