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Dr. Anthony Ogbo

Group President
30 Years
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About Dr. Ogbo

Houston resident, Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo is the publisher of Houston-based International Guardian, and the  facilitator of the American Journal of Transformational Leadership.  Currently a Professor at the Texas Southern University, Dr. Ogbo  authors many books and journals, including “Influence of Leadership,” a book on politics, leadership, and psychology.

Professional Skills

Organizational Leadership
100 %
Turbine and Solar Technology
92 %
Hybrid Energy
90 %

Personal Experience

Dr Ogbo’s research interests focus on the fields of management and leadership as they apply to all academic disciplines, including human capital, business administration, organizational leadership, health, applied econometrics, and development economics. His interests are borne out of necessity, to convey the meaning and values of leadership, and facilitate an environment to breed transformational leaders of today for tomorrow’s success.  His book, “The Influence of Leadership” for instance, is a replication of one of his research studies – a phenomenological study of Nigerians living through leadership imperfections. The study results uncovered fundamental leadership gaps in management, discussed the implications, and offered constructive mitigation strategies.

One of his latest studies focuses mainly on knowledge-sharing processes in Houston community media organizations and the effects of diversity in teams and groups on performance effectiveness. This study sponsored by the American Journal of Transformational Leadership not only aimed at developing relevant approaches to assess knowledge sharing in the team process, but also in exploring intervention strategies  to expand and improve them.

Honors & Awards

Dr. Ogbo is a former president of Houston Association of Black Journalists. With several merit awards to his credit, Ogbo started his media career in 1981 and has worked in various print media companies until 1998 when inaugurated the International Guardian in Houston, Texas. In 2004 he established the Black Senior News, the first African-American senior newspaper in the state of Texas. 

Dr. Ogbo attended The Institute of Management anf Technology (Nigeria), Houston Community College, The University of Phoenix. He holds a Degree in Fine & Applied Arts, Certificate in Commercial Arts, Master’s degree in Human Resources and Human Resources Management (MHRM); Master’s in Business Administration (MBA),  and a Doctorate in Management in Organizational Leadership.

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